ShenZhen FOXD is specialized in designing and producing Metal die and stamping parts, screws and springs. Products are used in socket, solenoid, LED, toys, household appliances, Automotive, etc. We have good source of raw material with benefit pricing and excellent quality. We have experience and technical manpower who can help to develop the products and solve technical problem. And it is also has our own machines and equipments for producing the parts. We can tailor make the parts and design the die according to customer’s requirement. We will always bear in mind to continuously build up a pragmatic, efficient, innovative and quality base enterprise in order to get customer’s satisfaction. ShenZhen FOXD is open and welcome for your inquiry of the business. 

    Labour: Appreciate our labour’s effort and contribution. Award them with good offer, provide them

                with good working and living environment and career development. 

    Company development: Pursuing continuous development with the base of customer satisfaction. 

    Customer: We provide high quality and value, professional product and service to our valuable

                    customer. We respect and support our customer with sincerity and our profession

    Enterprise spirit: Self-confidence, Self-discipline, teamwork, continuous development.

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